About Livestream Victoria

Want to be able to focus on what you are trying to share with the world while someone else takes care of how to make it happen?  We can help you figure out all the details so that you don’t waste your time or money.

Whether you are trying to reach clients, run a meeting, share a special moment over a distance, or showcase your latest creations, live video provides a powerful, engaging way to connect with the world.  We know that if you don’t have a lot of livestreaming experience the process can seem a little overwhelming, so let us take care of making it a success for you.

Livestream Victoria was founded in Victoria, BC, Canada by Al Smith and Christina Morrison with the goal of making professional quality livestreaming simple and affordable.  They combine many years of videography, photography and event planning experience with the latest technology, to ensure high-quality streaming packages to suit your needs.

We’d love to answer any questions you have. Be sure to contact us today for a consultation.

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